I loved doing a shoot with Chris. It was a really relaxed atmosphere and a lot of fun. He listened to what I wanted and was on hand with direction when it was needed. I'm really happy with the results and looking forward to another one soon!– Emma Jones, Ashford

As a professional athlete I am used to working with a lot of pro photographers. What stood out for me working with Chris was his ability to make you feel really at ease, whilst catching original angles that gave a collection of really strong images. His use of light and color is also spot-on and I was spoilt for choice with the amount of great quality photographs he captured! On top of this, he works efficiently and with passion. I would definitely recommend Chris.– Alice Hector , Windsor

Chris Knight's image of Blue Moon is one of the most stunning photographs of Guadalupe's famous female Great White Shark. We were ecstatic that Mr Knight allowed use of his image for the first ever White Sharks of Guadalupe Island Calendar to help fund Marine Conservation Science Institute's future research on these dynamic animals. – Melissa Michaelson, USA